Lots of amazing new and pre-loved items in
our Ringwood shop!

 We have a shop FULL of bargains from floor to ceiling. 
Every pre-loved item is individual 
and is listed on our facebook page as we put it on sale.

To give you an idea of some of our the wonderful things that we have available for your babies and children: 

A is for AVENT - bottles and teats
B is for bears - cuddly and sweet
C is for Cots - kept by our back door
D is for Dollies - who could want more
E is for Engines - trains and cars
F is for Fiction - fly to the stars
G is for giraffe - and other zoo pals
H is for Henry - horrid with scowls
I for Imagination - with games galore
J is for journey - with books by the score
K is for King - castles and forts
L is for Learning - things of all sorts
M is for Monkeys - and other soft toys
N is for Novels - detectives and ploys
O is for Olly - bedding and bumpers
P is for Pretty - whilst resting in slumber
Q is for Quilts - duvets and sheets
R is for Reins - staying up on their feet
S is for Strolling - pushchairs and prams
T is for Toy Story - always a fan
U is for unique - some things are rare finds
V is for VTech - stimulate young minds
W is for Wishes - here they can come true
X is for kisses - from us to you
Y is for YOU - your custom is our core
Z is for zzzz'ding - can't say anymore!

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who continue to support us and shop with us daily, weekly, monthly - you are helping to keep us and other small local businesses alive and trading! 

Call: 01425 474302