We are so lucky to have met some generous and kind people
who are willing to give up some of their own free time and
come and help us instead!! Volunteers come from the local area
and have ranged in age from 16 - 80!!!!
A special thanks go to one of our slightly older volunteers, Peter Heaver who, at a young 80+, pops in with any unwanted toys he comes across and keeps our spirits up with his visit to the "Chocolate Quarry"!! Thanks Peter, it's much appreciated - Keep up the good work, not just for us but also in your other roles including the Talking News and RFCB too!!
If she's not at college, then we have the pleasure of Bee's company two days a week, helping us for a few hours each time. Bee has learning difficulties but is quite capable of helping in many positive ways and gains in confidence and skills whilst here.
Lastly and not least, to my lovely Mum, who is Chief Washer Wonder Woman! She must get through at least 10 - 20 washes a week, (more in the summer), getting out stains, hand washing, hanging out to dry, airing and sorting, folding and bringing back to the shop endless piles of clothing, soft toys, bedding, seat inserts and more!! Big Thanks and Hugs for all the hard work - you are meant to be retired though!! :)
Thank you to all of our TEDS volunteers past and present!

If you would like to join us and become a "Friend of TEDS" then please let us know, we'd be glad to welcome you to our merry group of volunteers either "front of house" in the shop, behind the scenes cleaning and sorting, or at home washing and ironing! Contact Dana for an informal chat if you think you would like to help or pop into the shop to discuss!
Call: 01425 474302